Not in any particular order. Mostly for beginner and intermediate level programmers. Shall be updated frequently. Unless other people get benefits, I realize such kind of compilation is sheer waste of time.


Here is the curated list for Python frameworks, libraries and other stuffs. Also check this link as well from the same site.

Some more topic-wise references may be find on Learning Python – Novice Beginner Level and Progressive Python – Intermediate Level.

Cheet Sheets

OOP with Python – It frustrated me a lot.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Online Books, e-books, and informative articles

Blogs by Experts:

Topic Specific (Beginner Level):

Advance topics

Async, Threading etc



Stack Overflow

And do read about Alex Martelli. He is a prolific contributor on Stack Overflow. He has answered more than 6000 questions there and each of his answer is a treat.



Is it true that Python is a dying language? Someone posted this question on Quora. And someone posted this resourceful and worth checking answer.

Other links:

If you think writing “Hello World” program is the easiest, you probably haven’t looked at this code which does nothing but print “Hello World”.

Semi-Technical Articles: These articles aren’t really about codes but will help you in harnessing the power of Python.

Bonus: General articles about coding (for beginners).