Some time ago, I wrote a blog compiling lots of links to mathematical resources. You may and should check it in case you have missed it. (My calculations show you have probably missed it.) Since then, I have encountered some more interesting websites. The topics these websites cover range from history to science to plane weird. I have listed them in no particular order.

Check’em out!

Education and Learning

Intellectual Bites

Biology and Related  – At one point, I got deeply interested in biology and genetics in particular which made me scour through Internet and I found some very interesting resources. My personal favorite is Kimball’s Biology Pages. Though I am still a novice in Biology, but I found this website to be the most elaborate. Some more listed below: –

(Note that all of these are official US websites for their respective areas. This list isn’t exhaustive and I have possibly missed out some websites. )

History and Related

Software/Programming/Computer Engineering Related

Programming/CS related resources have been compiled here.

Python related resources have been compiled here.

Web Development & Internet


Science Magazines

Science/Astronomy Organization


This link provides analyses of philosophers, physicists, astronomers on Twitter

Languages & Literature

Human Rights and Charity

Nature, Climate and Species


All websites listed under this section has been moved to this page. This has been done as there were too many of them and this blog post had become unnecessarily long.

Recently I came across this REDDIT link which has many links to websites offering interactive programming features. Though I haven’t checked those links, you may check them anyway. You may also check this REDDIT link for gaming related software development. Similarly, University of Reddit offers ‘courses’ for topics such as film-making and other such creative stuffs. In fact, for those who like to keep digging and exploring, Reddit is a goldmine where finding gems is all par for the course. Even if you want to waste time, prefer Reddit over Facebook, you’ll still be an idiot, but in superior ways and in a sophisticated sense.


The 11 best resources for improving your writing

P.S. – In case you are going through this compilation and wishing for more subject-specific compilation, drop a comment. I’ll be happy to help. In any case, I’ll keep updating this compilation. Seriously. Once again, as I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, I had already compiled a list of websites in my earlier blog. Some terrific sites such as Khan Academy and MIT OCW have already been mentioned in earlier blog. Still, if you come to know about some terrific resources, let me know so that I may update the compilation.

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P.S.^2 – Oh God! Internet is truly a different kind of limitless universe. There doesn’t go a day when I don’t find something interesting on Internet. Pity I don’t and can’t list them all here. 😦