What do you expect when you visit a typical commercial website of a company which makes shoes, jackets, sweaters, mostly for adventurous and trekking related activities?

Well, I was casually checking through the stuffs on Timberland’s website. While checking website, I stumbled upon this page titled Road Trips Read. As the title implies, it has suggestions about books which one should read while on adventurous road trips. I haven’t read anyone of them though I think it is a decent list as you can see the names of celebrated authors such as Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck.

Although I was listening to Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car while writing this.


I also stumbled upon a very good website which posts science related stuffs. I checked some articles there. For example, there is this review of Interstellar movie directed by brilliant Christopher Nolan. The review isn’t about the movie per se, it is about the scientific ideas and themes which Interstellar has shown. And the review is quite full of rather heavy science, is by a scientist and is probably best suited for the guys who have some good aptitude for science. The other article I checked is, again, a review of Sam Harris’s book Free Will. I have also briefly discussed review of Free Will by Daniel Dennett in one of my other blogs.

I have neither watched Interstellar nor have I read Free Will. But to appreciate the reviews, I have decided to go for both Free Will and Interstellar.


I also watched this movie ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford‘. Though I am not reviewing it here but this movie was too long. The scenes were long and monotonous. The name of the movie already tells you the climax. Eventually Jesse James is killed by his own gang member Robert Ford. Basically, this movie as such has no story despite the fact that it is based on a true story. Jesse James existed for real. But then movie wasn’t about the life of Jesse James. I think the movie’s central character was Robert Ford who idolized James to the limit of madness. The movie was about why Jesse James made Robert Ford his gang member despite his obvious incompetence and cowardice, how he staged his own murder by Ford. By getting murdered by Ford, how Jesse, who was a notorious outaw, turned himself into a legend and how he turned Robert Ford into coward Robert Ford whose life become miserable and was finally himself murdered. The best part of movie is in which Robert Ford plays himself 800 times in theater shows enacting killing of Jesse. I finally understood the ‘coward’ part in the name of movie. I think movie is pretty good and worth a watch. Movie may be forgiven for being long as Roger Ebert, while reviewing the movie, said, “There is a sense that an epic must have duration to have importance.”