This is just a compilation of links as suggested in a Coursera course : Learning How to Learn. It is a bit uncomfortable to go back to course to read those links and hence this compilation. Besides, I might add other relevant resources here. Hopefully, other may find it useful as well.


1- Strengthening the Student Toolbox
2- Brain Sweeps themselves Clean of Toxins during Sleep
3- The Promodoro Technique – Staying Focused throughout the Day
4- Try, try again? Study says no.
5- How Human Memory Works
6- Stanford University’s Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset and Education
7- Want to be more Creative? Take a Walk
8- For a more productive life, daydream
9- How to break the procrastination habit
10- Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain
11- Failure to Replicate
12- Medscape
13- Numeracy Skills


1- The 30 Seconds Habit That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Life
2- Be Lucky, It’s an Easy Skill to Learn
3-Diveded Attention
4- Dunning Kruger Effect: When distorted self perception and illusions of superiority trick entertainers, politicians and cities
5- The Anosognosics Dilemma
6- What is Lost as Handwriting Fades
7- This is Your Brain on Writing
8- Memories of errors foster faster learning
9- Multitasking damages your brain and career
10- The Power of the Doodle: Improve your Focus and Memory
11- What are some brain hacks that a neuroscientist knows that most people don’t


1- Remembering as an Extreme Sport
2- Poor health, lifestyle factors linked to memory complaints
3- How studying or working abroad makes you smarter
4- When in Rome… Learn why Romans do what they do
5- This is the kind of music you should listen to at work


1- Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep – A neuroscience book 
2- How to have a thicker skin for negative feedback
3- How successful people stay calm
4- Friend-fluence book by Carlin Flora
5- How curiosity changes the brain to enhance learning
6- Anyone can learn to be a polymath
7- To really learn: quit studying and take a test
8- Take a deep breath
9 – Learning activities lead to achievement
10- Researchers debunk the myth of ‘right brained’ and ‘left brained’ personality traits
11- Memo to students who are disappointed with their last test grades
12- http://www.magiceye.com/
13- http://www.brainfacts.org/
14- http://t2health.dcoe.mil/

Addition: –

How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math – Barbara Oakley (She is the instructor of above-mentioned Coursera course)